Shaoyu Su [苏少禹]

is new media artist, cinematographer and curator. His artistic practices employ hybrid methodologies to represent concepts about deep time-mining, alternative projection from history to the far future, and the promise of technology advancement to comprehend a nonlinear world-building. Across multiple new media platforms, his artistic goal is to evoke the subtle in-between grey area in our brain between perception of reality and fantasy. His work has shown at J.Paul Getty Museum, Today Art Museum Beijing, Times Art Museum, Vortex Immersion Dome L.A.


​Su graduated from University of Washington Seattle with BA and BFA. He completed his MFA at the California Institute of the Arts in 2016. From mid-2016 to present, Su has been working at the Immersive Media Lab at USC School of Cinematic Arts as Director of Technology, leading research and production in both cinematic and generative VR, AR and real-time animation.

Shaoyu Su