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Shaoyu Su


is a new media artist, developer, cinematographer and curator. His artistic practices and research employ interdisciplinary methodologies from computer graphics, photography, physics and literature, investigating concepts about deep spacetime-mining: alternative projection from ancient history to the far future. His works have shown internationally, at venues such as J.Paul Getty Museum, International Symposium on Electronic Art(ISEA), IEEE PacificVis, Today Art Museum Beijing and Vortex Immersion Dome L.A.

​Su graduated from University of Washington Seattle with BA in Art History and BFA in Photomedia. He completed his MFA at the California Institute of the Arts in 2016. From mid-2016 to present, Su has been working at the Immersive Media Lab, USC School of Cinematic Arts as Director of Technology, leading research and production in cinematic and generative XR and real-time animation.

苏少禹是一位生活在洛杉矶的新媒体艺术家,摄影师和策展人。他的艺术作品与研究在计算机图形学,影像,物理学和文学等以跨学科融合的方式来探讨深度时空挖掘:从架空远古历史到投影遥远未来,通过世界构建来唤起我们大脑中区别现实与幻想的那片灰色区域。他的作品曾在盖蒂中心,ISEA国际电子艺术峰会(蒙特利尔),IEEE太平洋可视化峰会, 今日美术馆和洛杉矶穹顶剧院(L.A. Vortex Immersion Dome)等地展出。


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