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Live Visual / Coding
Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things


Experimental Media Performance Lab (xMPL) 
Claire Trevor School of the Arts
UC Irvine

Runtime: ~30min.



Laurie Sefton

Dance performance 

Ellen Akashi, Megan Pulfer, Leah Hartley and Mizuki Sako


Rosalinda Medina

Live Music

Bryan Curt Kostors

Live Visual

Shaoyu Su

Chancellor's and Claire Trevor Professor Bryan Reynolds in the Department of Drama leads a thrilling collaboration of theater focused on the life and work of Madame Marie Skłodowska Curie, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize. The show debuted in the Experimental Media Performance Lab (xMPL) on Claire Trevor School of the Arts campus on Friday, Oct. 29, 2021.


Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things examines the process of her work, the campaign led by U.S. women to fund her further research on radium, how she maintained her professional life, female identity, and the elements she is most closely associated with: Radium, Polonium and Curium.


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