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Neuron+ is a conceptual design for creating a site-specific data landscape in Augmented Reality world, employing machine learning for its ever changing and forward compatible nature. This work references neural activity, intelligent emergent systems, and humanity’s accelerating exchange of digital information to suggest future realities and alien life-forms. It was fabricated for Alumni Center, Shenzhen University. 

Augmented reality extends the architecture's 'reach' quite literally across time and space, providing opportunities for the audience to explore beyond the limits of the physical arena. Both physical and virtual elements will be trained through machine learning to possess a ‘master behavior’ within given parameters. Neuron+’s systems could then for example employ big data to affect the behavior ‘life’ of the sculpture and it’s companion augmented reality world. in order to apply social networking data, or any other large data sets, to alter the ‘motion and tone’ of the the Neuron+ AR world. A dedicated Neuron+ application would be developed to provide individual viewer access via smartphone. Viewer’s could easily share their unique Neuron+ screenshots, videos and individualized AR worlds. 

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